About SCP: Secret Laboratory Betas

Before the full release of our updates, we utilize Patreon and, sometimes, Public betas to ensure we are releasing the best build we can. To participate in a Patreon beta for the game you will need to use Discord and be in our Official Discord Server. Public betas will utilize both Discord and Steam for access.

Accessing a Patreon Beta

Accessing this type of beta requires a current pledge to our Patreon, the default amount required is $25, however, this can be lowered as the beta progresses.

Next, you will need to link your Patreon account to your Discord account. This will automatically grant you the required Discord Role to access the beta download. Now you can see the channel “SCP:SL Patreon B” and can download it directly from the Discord store.

  1. Have a Discord account.
  2. Join the Official SCP:SL Discord.
  3. Have a Patreon account.
  4. Link your Discord and Patreon accounts.
  5. Pledge the correct amount to the Northwood Studios Patreon Page. You can see information about the current beta below to find the correct price.
  6. Find the “SCP:SL Patreon B” channel and click “Add to library”.
  7. Download the beta from your Discord library and click play.

Accessing a Public Beta (Discord)

To access this beta you need to have a Discord account and be in the Official server. You will be able to view a channel called “SCP:SL Public B” where you can download the beta directly from Discord.

  1. Have a Discord account.
  2. Join the Official SCP:SL Discord.
  3. Find the “SCP:SL Public B” channel and click “Add to library”.
  4. Download the beta from your Discord library and click play.

Accessing a Public Beta (Steam)

To access this beta you need to have a Steam account and have SCP:SL in your library.

  1. Have a Steam account.
  2. Add/download SCP:SL to your library.
  3. Right-click SCP:SL in your library and click “Properties”.
  4. Select “Betas”, then from the dropdown box opt-in to “publicbeta”
  5. Close the menu and wait for the game to update, then click play.

Current Beta - 11.1.2

The current beta is for the 11.1.2 update. This update includes the readdition of SCP-244 (RA Only), CASSIE Text Announcements, multiple fixes & more.


To learn more about the update see the changelog and access price below, if you want to join the tests.

Current Access Tier: $5
Beta Changelog

Please note that these changelogs are not always checked by our content team and may contain errors.

Initial Changes - 2022/01/13



  • Re-introduced SCP-244, Ice Fog Jar. It currently does not exist in regular gameplay, and must be spawned manually via Remote Admin or third-party plugins.
  • Added a translatable subtitle system for CASSIE announcements. Subtitles are on by default, and can be toggled in gameplay settings.
  • Added several missing translations to the main menu.
  • The trajectories of thrown grenades have been improved and are much more consistent.
  • Reworked the system the game uses to render decals. This should result in minor performance increases. It also re-introduces old features like players leaving behind blood splatters when they’re damaged.
  • All rooms, regardless of zone, can be chosen as valid exits for players escaping from the Pocket Dimension; instead of only certain rooms.


  • Fixed a rare issue where grenade-inflicted status effects would never decay.
  • Fixed an inventory softlock when throwing a grenade while spamming hotkeys.
  • Fixed escaped Class-D not being counted on the summary screen.
  • The “They Are Just Resources…” and “If you want something done right…” achievements will now also be granted for non-firearm kills.
  • Fixed flashlights not affecting SCP-173 in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed multiple out-of-bounds exploits related to SCP-173’s Blink ability.
  • Fixed SCP-096 bumping their head in GR-18.
  • Fixed an issue where SCP-939 could not hear someone operating the MicroHID.
Update - 2022/01/15



  • Temporarily downgraded to previous Unity version.


  • Fixed hit indicators.
  • Fixed missing room in entrance zone.

Beta Support

If you do not see your issue listed, or no fixes work, please contact a “Patreon Representative” on the SCP:SL Official Discord.


< I have not received my Discord role. >
Please allow 24hrs to pass. If you have still not received your role, re-link your Discord and Patreon account.


< When launching the game I see “executable missing”. >
Right-click the SCP:SL beta in your Discord library and click “repair”. If the issue persists uninstall the beta and reinstall it. If that does not work, go to your install folder located at “AppData\Local\DiscordGames” then delete all folders relating to SCP:SL before reinstalling.


< When launching the game I see “unauthorized to use private beta” >
Go to the Discord channel called “game-badge” and do “!badge revoke” then “!badge patreon discord”.