About SCP: Secret Laboratory Betas

Before the full release of our updates, we utilize Patreon and, sometimes, Public betas to ensure we are releasing the best build we can. To participate in a Patreon beta for the game you will need to use Discord and be in our Official Discord Server. Public betas will utilize both Discord and Steam for access.

Accessing a Patreon Beta

Accessing this type of beta requires a current pledge to our Patreon, the default amount required is $25, however, this can be lowered as the beta progresses.

Next, you will need to link your Patreon account to your Discord account. This will automatically grant you the required Discord Role to access the beta download. Now you can see the channel “SCP:SL Patreon B” and can download it directly from the Discord store.

  1. Have a Discord account.
  2. Join the Official SCP:SL Discord.
  3. Have a Patreon account.
  4. Link your Discord and Patreon accounts.
  5. Pledge the correct amount to the Northwood Studios Patreon Page. You can see information about the current beta below to find the correct price.
  6. Find the “SCP:SL Patreon B” channel and click “Add to library”.
  7. Download the beta from your Discord library and click play.

Accessing a Public Beta (Discord)

To access this beta you need to have a Discord account and be in the Official server. You will be able to view a channel called “SCP:SL Public B” where you can download the beta directly from Discord.

  1. Have a Discord account.
  2. Join the Official SCP:SL Discord.
  3. Find the “SCP:SL Public B” channel and click “Add to library”.
  4. Download the beta from your Discord library and click play.

Accessing a Public Beta (Steam)

To access this beta you need to have a Steam account and have SCP:SL in your library.

  1. Have a Steam account.
  2. Add/download SCP:SL to your library.
  3. Right-click SCP:SL in your library and click “Properties”.
  4. Select “Betas”, then from the dropdown box opt-in to “publicbeta”
  5. Close the menu and wait for the game to update, then click play.

Current Beta - 11.1

The current beta is for the 11.1 update. This update includes the readdition of SCP-330, SCP-2176, multiple fixes, changes and new status effects.


To learn more about the update see the changelog and access price below, if you want to join the tests.

Current Access Tier: Public Beta
Beta Changelog

Please note that these changelogs are not always checked by our content team and may contain errors.

Initial Changes - 2021/11/21



    • SCP-330
      • LCZ-TC-01 room:
        • New LCZ room with unique door opening system.
        • Contains old SCP-012 loot (guaranteed Zone Manager and Combat Armor, chance for a COM-15)
        • Contains two spawnpoints for structures (Pedestals, Medkits, Workstations, Standard Lockers)
        • SCP-330 Bowl has been placed in the new LCZ-TC-01 room.
        • Two candies can be removed by interacting with the bowl. Taking more than two candies will sever one’s hands, dropping their currently held item and preventing any interaction (however the third candy will be successfully added to the inventory).
      • Candies:
        • Candies stack into a bag of candies, which can hold up to 6 candies (taking only one inventory slot).
        • Candies can be dropped individually, or the whole bag can be dropped.
        • Candies have the following effects:
          • Green – gives a long but slow regeneration (1.5 hp/s for 80 seconds) and “Vitality” effect for 30 seconds.
          • Blue – adds 30 AHP that never decays, unless adrenaline is used.
          • Purple – Gives 20% “Damage Reduction” effect for 15 seconds, also slowly regenerates 15 HP.
          • Red – Gives 45 HP over the course of 5 seconds.
          • Yellow – Gives 25% stamina, “Invigorated” effect, and 10% “Movement Boost” effect (for 8 second).
          • Rainbow – Permanently gives 5% “Bodyshot Reduction”, 15 instant HP, 20 AHP which does not decay for 10 seconds, “Rainbow Taste” effect for 10 seconds, and “Invigorated” effect for 5 seconds.
          • Pink – can be only given via remote admin, it explodes.
    • SCP-2176
      • Throwable light bulb that causes electrical disruptions
        • Can be found in pedestals (1-3 per round)
        • When striking a surface at high speed, SCP-2176 instantly shatters
        • Cracks when dropped from the inventory while moving, causing it to shatter after a 10-second delay
        • Lands in a room with no lockdown: The room is locked down for 10 seconds
        • Lands in a locked down room: The lockdown is immediately lifted
        • Lands in a room with a tesla gate: The tesla gate immediately activates, then is disabled for 10 seconds
        • SCP-079 cannot interact with affected doors for 10 seconds, starting when SCP-2176 activates
    • “Severed Hands”, which removes hands from the character model, deals damage, and prevents interaction.
    • “Rainbow Taste”, which reduces the severity of negative effects.
    • “Bodyshot Reduction”, which reduces damage received into the body hitbox.
    • “Damage Reduction”, which reduces all kinds of damage.
    • “Movement Boost”, which increases movement speed, up to 355% (each intensity point adds 1%).
    • “Vitality”, which prevents new negative status effects from being applied.


      • Slightly buffed all suppressors. Now all suppressors weigh less and they improve bullet accuracy.
    • SCP-173
      • Reduced base teleport distance, but distance “Breakneck Speeds” remains the same.
      • Removed per-observer cooldown addition.
      • Dropped body armor is now less likely to obstruct small items. All items below 2.1 kg will be teleported on top of armor, to improve visibility.
      • Shotgun can now be unloaded (by holding the reload key for 0.5s) and dryfired. It should no longer lose performance on high-ping servers.
      • Friendly fire multiplier is now 40% by default.
      • Fast round restart is now disabled by default.
      • Changed default team assignation queue (“team_respawn_queue”). If number of players at the beginning of the round exceeds the amount of entries, the whole sequence will be repeated.
      • Added “spawntoy” command which allows instantiating some spawnable objects.
        • “spawntarget” command has been moved to admin toys:
          • spawntoy TargetSport
          • spawntoy TargetBinary
          • spawntoy TargetDBoy
        • Admins can now spawn a light source, but its settings are only controllable via plugins.
        • Admins can now spawn primitive game objects — “spawntoy primitiveobject Shape Color Size”, where:
          • “Shape” is either Cube, Sphere, Capsule, Cylinder, Plane, or Quad
          • “Color” is HTML color string, for example: “red”, “#ff0000”
          • “Size” is the multiplier of scale in all three dimensions.
      • Added “destroytoy” command which allows removing instantiated admin toys.


    • Player Stats
      • AHP is now stackable, meaning multiple processes can decay at different decay rates, efficacy, etc (this is used by some candies).
      • Ragdolls now contain a system that allows us to fully customize effects based on the last damage source. For now, it’s just:
        • Grenades will send bodies into the air.
        • If a player was killed by a firearm, the part of the dead body that was hit last will be propelled in the opposite direction the player was shot from.
      • Fixed some achievements (that previously weren’t unlockable).
      • Improved server logging of deaths.
      • Death reasons on ragdolls are now different from death reasons displayed on the screen of killed players.


      • Surface will now be culled based on player’s height.
      • Doors spawned at run time will now be visible.
    • MISC
      • Fixed ammo boxes in SCP-079 armory spawning on the floor.
      • Fixed viewmodel sway animation playing when moving your mouse while picking up items.
      • Fixed MicroHID sound that kept playing when a dead player gets quickly respawned.
      • Fixed MTF-E11-SR often spawning misplaced in its rack.
      • Added invisible colliders in several places to prevent people from jumping at cameras and speakers, making them unreachable to SCPs.
    • Fixed friendly_fire_multiplier being applied twice (squaring the value).
    • Fixed SCP-268 being obtainable in SCP-914 (accidentally added in 11.0.0)
    • Fixed exploit that allowed players to get infinite ammo.
    • Fixed thirdperson logicer model having no holes in the heat shield material.
    • Fixed softlocks occuring when throwing grenades during escape and elevator travel.
  • SCP-173
    • Fixed being able to have a skill issue (teleport) into HCZ Armory Pit.
    • 173’s sound effects is now tied to Sound Effect slider instead of Master.

API Changes:

      • Completely refactored the PlayerStats script, which was responsible for various features, including HP, AHP, achievements, round restarting, etc.
      • Optimized network usage and prevented some stats (like SCPs’ Hume Shield) from being visible to cheaters.
    • Added spawnable objects available to plugins:
      • Added option to spawn Unity primitives (Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Plane, etc) with different color and sizes.
      • Added option to spawn Light with customizable range, intensity, color.
Update - 2021/11/22


  • Fixed inspecting ragdolls of people who died to gunshots.
  • Fixed Unity primitives being invisible to players.
  • Fixed FriendlyFireDetector punishing for self-damage.
  • Fixed some C.A.S.S.I.E. announcements
  • Fixed “AHP” and “HS” suffixes not being separated from their values when spectating.
  • SCP-330 room is now properly labelled as “TC-01”
  • Shotgun inspect animation will now be cancelled when unloading shells.
Update - 2021/11/26


  • Dropped COM-15 will now properly display selected magazine type.
  • Fixed 330 bowl culling too early.
  • Primitives spawned with spawntoy now support disabling collisions and transparent materials.
  • Disabled “Just Resources” achievement for Discord.
  • Fixed the issue where spectated players appear to have 0 HP.
  • Fixed MTF not getting tickets for damaging SCPs.
  • Added effect descriptions for the candies. Now each candy will contain a highlighted description of the effects.
  • Fixed the Ghostlight not having the description and dash in its name.
Update - 2021/11/28


  • Fixed SCP-018 triggering friendly-fire detector (even on non-FF servers).
  • Re-adds suppressor changes from another MR that for whatever reason gone missing.
  • Fixed the voicechat icons (the background color now changes based on loudness).
  • Fixed Credits tab not working.
  • Added missing decontamination gas to SCP-330 room.
  • Updated default config.
  • Rebalanced AK’s “removed stock” attachment. It’s now possible to aim down the sights, but the accuracy and recoil aren’t much better from hip-firing.
  • Fixed collisions for spawnable plane and cube primitives.
Update - 2021/11/29 `{`Public Beta Release`}`


  • Reintroduced SCP-330 (Candies) and its chamber.
  • Reintroduced SCP-2176 (Ghostlight).
  • Rebalanced SCP-173. Per-observer cooldown has been removed, teleport distance has been reduced.
  • Slightly buffed firearm suppressors.
  • Refactored system responsbile for dealing damage. It’s mostly a back-end improvement, changes aren’t immediately noticeable in the base gameplay.
  • Added a few more ragdoll death animations.
  • Shotgun can now be unloaded by holding R.
  • Dropped body armor is now less likely to obstruct small items.
  • Changed default gameplay config.
  • Added spawnable admin toys (RA command “spawntoy” will list all available toys).
  • Introduced a lot of smaller improvements and fixed many bugs, full list will be provided in the main changelog.

Beta Support

If you do not see your issue listed, or no fixes work, please contact a “Patreon Representative” on the SCP:SL Official Discord.


< I have not received my Discord role. >
Please allow 24hrs to pass. If you have still not received your role, re-link your Discord and Patreon account.


< When launching the game I see “executable missing”. >
Right-click the SCP:SL beta in your Discord library and click “repair”. If the issue persists uninstall the beta and reinstall it. If that does not work, go to your install folder located at “AppData\Local\DiscordGames” then delete all folders relating to SCP:SL before reinstalling.


< When launching the game I see “unauthorized to use private beta” >
Go to the Discord channel called “game-badge” and do “!badge revoke” then “!badge patreon discord”.