Hello everyone!
Today we want to discuss the next steps in our development, what you can expect to see in future updates, and some other notable news.

It’s been a long time since we’ve publicly said anything about future goals and updates for the game. The time has finally come to change this. For more details about the update, you can view the Devlog on our YouTube channel:

The 11.0 Update
Our next major update will be 11.0. With it comes a multitude of gameplay-, interface- and content additions. The main focus of the update is a complete weapon overhaul. It will feature, not only model changes, but also the entire system circulating it. This means that it will influence how the weapons control, how their attachments operate, and how they will interact with the game.

This rework also means that some current weapons will be removed. The change is nothing to be sad about as multiple new weapons will take their place. Despite this being the main focus, there will be other additions, and bug fixes. For now, we will be keeping that a secret.

New Official Websites
Along with this post, comes the release of our brand new websites. Previously, we had only one website that was severely outdated, and lacked important functionality. Let’s talk about what each website does.

The “Main” site is where you can find general information about the game, like public updates and other news. You can also find links to all of our official media including the twitch, YouTube, wiki, Patreon etc.

We’ve also added a new “Support” site. This site is completely dedicated to support. There you can directly search for support articles; view the FAQ; find information on game bans and how to appeal; see the status of our game servers; and how to contact us. Regarding ban appeals, we will only be processing those sent through the website, and will no longer be handling them via email.

If you find any bugs or room for improvement, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

Main Site: https://scpslgame.com
Support Site: https://support.scpslgame.com/

Patreon Update
For three years Patreon has been our only source of income. Maintaining a, relatively, popular multiplayer game is difficult, and an expensive exercise for a small studio like ours. We’d like to take a moment to thank all current, and former, Patreon supporters for helping us to cover development costs. Without you new updates would not have been possible.

Our Patreon page has recently been updated. Most importantly, it has been renamed to “Northwood Studios”. Descriptions, screenshots, and the disclaimer section have also received some changes. Rewards will, however, remain unchanged.

Moving forward, we are committed to sharing more information on the Patreon site itself. We will be attempting to post updates at least once a month, providing you with additional information and some cool sneak peeks about 11.0. Soon, a new post covering a lot of details about the weapons overhaul will be released to all Scientist-tier, and higher, Patreon supporters.

Have a great day, and thank you, once again, for supporting Northwood Studios and SCP: Secret Laboratory!

~ Northwood Studios

Hello everyone!

Hotfix 10.2.1 has just been released. With it’s arrival we have fixed the most notable issues found within the recent release.


  • Fixed surface zone doors being locked down during LCZ decontamination.
  • Fixed Heavy Gate doors having wrong sounds.
  • Fixed both Airlock doors closing when detonation stops.
  • SCP-268 effect will now properly cancel upon interaction with a door.
  • Door buttons now support custom translations (again).
  • Optimized "fast restart" feature for low-end servers.

Expect more hotfixes soon!
~ Northwood Studios

Hello everyone!

We've just released the new 10.2 update! With its arrival, we say goodbye to the Christmas update, and start a new year.

General Changes
This new update brings along a slight rework to our “LocalAdmin” system. This includes a new console, error logging and other config options.

There is also a new "quality of life" implementation. The “Fast Restart” feature means that users will no longer be fully disconnected when a server is restarting its level. Instead, they will be placed back on the "waiting for players" screen. This will result in a shorter waiting time..

Door Refactor & API Changes
As part of version 10.2, we've done a complete refactor of our door system. This was some of our oldest code. Doors were prone to suffer from bugs, both during level generation, and in-game. To fix these problems we rewrote their code from the ground up, for long-term stability.

For most people, this won't affect the game too heavily; except fixing some bugs that have existed for a long time. There are also a few features that were implemented as a result of the stabler code, which you can find below. This greatly affects the door code itself.

Due to the full refactor of the door system, much of the game's internal code has received significant adjustments. Plugin developers, or server hosts using third-party plugins, should be aware of this, and update their mods to work with the new version.

For the complete changelog, please see the list below.

Complete Changelog
(Local Admin)

Added console- and error logs.
Added a config option, disabling printing stdout and stderr (errors and Unity debug messages) in the LocalAdmin live-view (while leaving them in the logs).
Added an automatic restart after server crash (you can disable this in config).
Added log retention (it's possible to configure LA to delete, and/or compress old LA and/or round logs).
Added server configuration wizard.
Added idle-mode state indicator in the title of the LocalAdmin window.


Doors in the airlock room can be destroyed. If one door is destroyed, then the other behaves like a normal door.
Both airlock doors lock open during Alpha Warhead detonation.
Checkpoint doors can be destroyed, but only through Remote Admin. They're immune to being destroyed under normal conditions.
Prison doors (in the Class-D Cells) are now destroyable.
Many doors have been renamed.
SCP-173's containment-chamber door automatically opens at the end of its locked phase,if there is an SCP-173 inside. The player no longer needs to open it themselves.
The doors to SCP-106's control room, and the Alpha Warhead control room, now require several strikes from SCP-096 to destroy.
Fixed issues related to door generation, such as doors clipping through walls, hovering above the ground, panels floating away from the wall, and many more.
Fixed checkpoint doors getting stuck during Alpha Warhead detonation and LCZ decontamination.
Fixed doors sometimes being invisible or unopenable.
Changed HID room door to correct model.

(API Changes)

Doors now utilize a completely new script, DoorVariant, that inherits from IInteractable. Different types of doors have separate scripts - BasicDoor, BreakableDoor, and so on.
The old door script has been marked as obsolete. It exists within the code, but is not used, and will likely be removed in a future update.
A new interaction system has been implemented. The NetworkBehaviour it uses is attached to the player prefab, and is called InteractionCoordinator. This has been in the code for a while, but we're just now starting to implement it. Doors utilize this system.
“RandomSeedSync” is no longer a player component. It has been refactored into “SeedSynchronizer”, and added to the Game Manager prefab. Seeds will now always generate above 0 - negative numbers are no longer valid map seeds.


Added fast, round restarts.
Added functionality allowing users to fully restart the server without kicking players (softrestart command).
Added a config key allowing the enabling of automatic server restarts with a specified amount of rounds.
Changed volume and distance of the checkpoint alarm.
Removed Christmas update.

Thank you for your continued support, and Happy New Year!
~ Northwood Studios

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SCP:SL Creation Contest 2020 Ending!
As the year comes to an end, so does the Creation Contest! You have submitted your entries, voted for your favourites, and chosen the winners.

Before we carry on though, there are some things that we would like to discuss. Firstly, let's talk about this event and the possibility of having a similar event in the future. We are always open to ideas, and suggestions about how we can improve these events for everyone. If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding events, please feel free to comment below.

There is also a misconception that during these events, development on the game stops. This is not the case. Events like these are handled by a dedicated team, and we can assure you that the Development team is focused on the game.

Now then let’s talk about my favourite part of the event, statistics!

Total Submissions: 512

Art: 177
Literature: 8
Music: 40
Meme: 206
Video: 36
Other: 45

Total Votes: 13,967

Art: 5,890
Literature: 66
Music: 645
Meme: 5,712
Video: 788
Other: 866

We want to thank everyone who submitted their amazing pieces, as well as those who just voted. Sadly, we are not able to reward all of you, as I would if I could. But now, onto the runner-ups:

Literature: Panini Cupcake, Music: SpiderShnyuk, Meme: gibuz, Video: GBC_2015, Other: JoeBro. You all did wonderfully but sadly you just fell short. Better luck next time!

Now what everyone’s been waiting for... the winners of the Creation Contest 2020 are:

Art: “Dead Cake” for “Let's get this party started”

Literature: “kalphiter the second” for “SCP-7777”

Music: "Verri" for "Space And Time"

Meme: “Quacking Gander” for “Stairs”

Video: “eXIL Games” for “Halloween Musical Video”

Other: “OLES_2003” for “Micro HID in Minecraft”

You may have noticed that there was no runner-up for the Art category. That’s because we put all the runner-ups into another vote; the staff vote. The winner of that vote is:

Staff Vote: “FacinusChip” for “Near success”

Sadly we had to severely compress this, so please, for a better quality version see:

Congratulations to everyone who won! We will contact you shortly to set up rewards.

Again, we want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the event, and made it as fun as possible. That's all for now, but stay tuned for more events in the future!

Best Regards,
Voidus (Marketing Platform Manager)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HubertMoszka
Wiki: https://hub.scpslgame.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

Hello everyone!

On behalf of everyone from Northwood Studios, we hope that you are enjoying our new Christmas-themed update. As usual, we would like to hear your feedback, and thoughts on this wave of content. Below you will find a feedback form that has been translated into various different languages, with the hope to hear from all of you.

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Happy Holidays,

~Northwood Studios