Hello everyone!

We have just opened a new branch of the game called “Pre-Beta Staging” to help us further prepare for Parabellum’s final release.

This branch exists for us to directly get feedback on base game issues, without false positives being reported because of plugins. With that being said there is a no tolerance policy for plugins on this branch.

This branch will be updated more frequently. If you would like to help us test out the newest experimental features and bug fixes, please switch to the “pre-beta-staging” branch on Steam. Any issues you find can be reported here: https://support.scpslgame.com/bug-report

Please note we’re keeping the old “Public Beta” branch, as it will be updated only with things that are confirmed to be stable. The main difference is that the “Pre-Beta Staging” branch contains all the newest features, including ones that have the potential to be unstable. If you plan to stay on the normal Parabellum beta, we ask you to take note of the servers you play on while reporting bugs. If the server you are on is using plugins please include this in any report you send.

Thank you for supporting Northwood Studios and SCP: Secret Laboratory!

- Northwood Studios

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that the Parabellum update has entered the Public Beta stage. Everyone can now access the beta from Steam or Discord.

Accessing the beta on Steam can be achieved by right-clicking SCP: Secret Laboratory in your library, clicking properties, betas then clicking the dropdown menu and selecting “publicbeta”.

If you want to access the beta from Discord you can follow the instructions on this page of our website:
https://scpslgame.com/beta-access/ This page also has a support section for any issues you may have and a changelog for the beta.

With this being a beta not everything you see is final and can change, you may also find bugs or other issues. You can report these issues here: https://support.scpslgame.com/bug-report

We hope you enjoy the beta and thank you for supporting Northwood Studios and SCP: Secret Laboratory!

- Northwood Studios

Hello everyone.

We are proud to announce an important addition to the 11.0 update, now called “Parabellum”. Arguably the most recognized SCP, SCP-173, has been reworked for the upcoming update! You can find the reveal animation here:

The Model
The decision to rework SCP-173 was decided long ago, with the model being completed by mid-2019. This model may not be new to some of you and has been nicknamed “Matthew” by the staff and community. This model steps away from typical 173 variations. We hope this model adds some fear and revulsion to the facility.

Ability Showcase
Below you will find a description of SCP-173’s abilities and the reasoning behind these additions. Please note that specifics are subject to change during the Beta.

(Passive) Reinforced Concrete
With the introduction of the armor system, SCP-173 has been given innate armor against attacks. They have a “Hume Shield” of 1000 which regenerates at a rate of 10/s after avoiding damage for 10 seconds. It can also regenerate an immediate 100 AHP for killing someone with the “Stained” effect. Additionally, they have a 60% armor efficacy against all bullet attacks, which uses the same formulae as actual body armor(penetration, etc).

SCP-173 has always struggled in open engagements with armed human classes and can often get shredded quickly. The Design team decided to turn this idea on its head — instead of being completely discouraged from engagements, participating in them is now a viable option. This doesn’t mean that SCP-173 is invulnerable, but contributes to their theme and puts a unique twist on their vulnerability to gunfire when being observed.

(Passive) Witness
“Witness” is closer to being a core mechanic than an ability. It does, however, interact with all abilities and is responsible for many interactions. As the current SCP-173, a player can move around and kill as usual, when not observed. When observed, the player becomes immobile. The only way to move when immobile is by using “Blink”. The cooldown for this alters depending on the number of people “witnessing” SCP-173. When being observed by a “Witness” you will gain an eye indicator in the center of your screen, this will eventually turn red when your “Blink” ability is fully charged.

SCP-173’s signature ability (“Snap”) remains almost the same, allowing a player to kill anyone close enough with LMB (default). This can only be used when not observed.

SCP-173 has received a new system for how they “Blink”. Previously a player would hold their movement keys and “Blink” at intermittent intervals. With the new model, the player can now control when they blink by charging the ability with RMB (default) and releasing to move. This movement ability only works when being watched and has a limit of 15 meters. Any human-class player observing SCP-173 while they “Blink” will notice themselves blinking; allowing SCP-173 to move and kill the closest human within 2 meters of their landing spot.

The default cooldown for the ability is 3 seconds but is increased by 1 second for every human observing them. As an example, if four players are observing SCP-173 the “Blink” cooldown would be 7 seconds. This cooldown changes drastically when other players look at, or look away from, SCP-173 but will never cancel a fully-charged blink.

These changes were made because SCP-173’s blink movement wasn’t obvious, relied on old code, and gave the player little control. These issues made SCP-173 frustrating to use at times. With this rework, the Design team wanted to make SCP-173 both more threatening and give the player more control over their movement and targeting. This is to ease the learning curve while still allowing a player to improve with experience. The myriad of anti-cheat and stability issues plaguing the current version of SCP-173 should also be improved with these new systems.

Breakneck Speeds
This ability doubles SCP-173’s movement speed and blink range but prevents them from killing anyone while it’s active. The ability can be toggled with the sprint key and lasts until it is cancelled or someone observes SCP-173, at which point it ends after a 10-second grace period. The ability can be used while SCP-173 is being observed but the grace period will immediately start ticking down. This ability has a cooldown of 45 seconds, starting the moment it is cancelled.

The ability is intended to be a hybrid between mobility and escaping. SCP-173’s default movement speed is still faster than a human sprinting but is substantially reduced compared to the current version. SCP-173 will no longer gain speed upon taking damage. Keeping the ability active allows a player to move very fast between encounters, but a player runs the risk of being vulnerable in an ambush.

An ability that leaves behind a pool of which has a radius of 2.75 meters. While SCPs are unaffected by the pool, any human classes that pass through this gains the “Stained” effect. This will reduce their movement speed by 20% and prevent them from sprinting. A pool lasts 180 seconds with a 30-second cooldown between placing them. The “Stained” effect lingers for 3 seconds upon leaving the pool. If SCP-173 kills someone with the effect they immediately regain 100 AHP.

This ability is intended for support, as it allows a creative SCP-173 player to prevent targets from escaping but also makes life difficult for humans if placed in doors or choke points. The pool has an obvious appearance and sound effect allowing humans to react to its presence which can lead them to change their tactics or run away.

Patreon Beta Update
With this announcement the currently ongoing Patreon beta has been updated to include SCP-173 and the access tier has been lowered to $10. Please note that if you aren’t already a supporter, and you consider doing it now, Patreon will charge you for the second time at the beginning of the next month, hence the price cut.

To learn more about accessing the beta you can visit this page of our website: https://scpslgame.com/beta-access/

Community Translators
We would like to mention that if you are a community translator you can now receive access to a dedicated role and channel in the Official Discord. This allows for direct communication between community translators and the official Translation team.

To be eligible for the rank you need to have contributed to our Official GitHub repository. If you believe yourself to be eligible, please contact a current member of the official Translation team on Discord.

On the topic of translations, we also want to mention that Non-ASCII languages should now work properly within the game.

Last Words
As we are getting closer to the release, we look forward to sharing the Parabellum update with you all. We thank you for your continued support of Northwood Studios and SCP: Secret Laboratory.

- Northwood Studios

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce we will be doing a Q&A stream over at Twitch on Saturday 24th July at 6PM UTC. We’ll be answering questions about the ongoing Patreon beta and the game in general. If you want to stay updated, join our Discord!

We hope to see you there and until then, thank you for supporting Northwood Studios and SCP: Secret Laboratory!

Hello Everyone!
It’s time for a progress report on the upcoming weapon-overhaul update. We would also like to show you the implementation of the completed assets.

To read more about weapon specifics, check out this public Patreon post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/deep-dive-into-47278664

.44 Revolver








The AK is making great progress, however, it's not ready to be revealed quite yet.

We’re introducing an improved recoil system to the game. This is used to control how weapons behave during full-auto discharges. Based on how many continuous rounds have been fired, there are three basic effects which may occur:

Camera Shake
A purely visual effect, that doesn’t affect the control of a weapon. Instead, its purpose is to make maintaining visual contact with a target more difficult.

Recoil Pattern
The current system is designed so that after each shot, the player’s camera will “jump”. However, it will now follow a predefined path (Recoil Pattern). This new type of recoil is not intended to be unavoidable. It can be easily countered by moving the mouse in the opposite direction.

Progressive Inaccuracy
Each subsequent shot from a weapon will become progressively more deviated from your crosshair’s actual position. The deviation amount depends on the type of weapon being fired — SMGs and the Logicer will remain relatively accurate, while rifles will take a significant accuracy hit when firing for more than just a few rounds. The deviation amount will be randomised and cannot be controlled.

Targets originated as debug tools. They were used for testing elements such as recoil, damage, attachment setups, and for simulating certain in-game scenarios. With how useful they’ve proven to be; it’s been decided that they will be implemented in the game, and will become their own system.

Targets can be spawned by a new Remote Admin command — “spawntarget”. Once spawned, they are visible to everyone on the server and operate in two modes. These are:

Local Mode — Players on the server may only see their own score.
Synchronized Mode — Players on the server can see the score of whoever interacted with the target.

There are currently three types of available targets:

Sports Target
A classic circular target with a yellow bullseye (10 points), and 9 further rings extending outwards (from 9 – 1 points). This is a generic target and can be used for multiple purposes. However, its primary function is to allow an individual to train and observe full-auto fire. Accuracy is calculated by dividing the sum of points with the number of shots fired.

Binary Target
This target has a slightly bigger bullseye (10 points), with it being approximately the size of a human head. The rest of the target is blank. Any hits outside the bullseye count for 0 points. This target is used for single-shot testing, such as seeing how likely a gun is to score a headshot from a determined distance.

Class-D Target
This target has a flat image of a Class-D on a 1:1 scale. This is mainly used for recreating in-game scenarios.

Firearm Hotkeys
We’ve added new hotkeys for firearms, allowing you to equip or swap weapons without opening the inventory. These hotkeys are bound to “1” & “2” by default. The weapon that corresponds to a hotkey is determined by their order in the inventory.

As an example, if a Revolver is placed in slot one, and a Crossvec in slot 4, hotkey “1” will pull out the Revolver.

When pressing the hotkeys, a weapon indicator will be visible in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, signifying which attachments are currently on the weapon.

Here’s what it looks like:

Attachment System
The Attachment System has been improved. You will now be able to change your attachments while in spectator mode, as well as at the weapon stations. When you select your attachment at a weapon station you will see a silhouette of the weapon. Sections of this silhouette will be highlighted to indicate parts that can be changed. A weapon’s silhouette can also be seen while hovering over it in your inventory. Any attachments will be highlighted.

Here is the WIP workstation:

Throwable Objects
An entirely new system included in the update, is the unique ability to throw/toss objects. Currently, any object that is held in the player’s hand can be used in this way.

While this ability may not seem important to some, it allows items to reach previously inaccessible areas, break windows, and theoretically, allow thrown items to affect other elements upon impact. Items will also be affected when dropped.

Continuing with this idea, this could potentially allow us to have 018 become triggered upon impact with the floor, 207 bottles breaking under certain force, or if a keycard is thrown at a scanner; having it open the door. A flashlight could even be damaged if it is dropped.

As an object is thrown, it will rotate randomly in the air before settling on the ground — this can even be used to play heads or tails! By default, the button to use this system is “T”. However, this can be changed in the options menu.

Please note that these ideas are all conceptual, and we’d still like to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Some of you may have seen a new radio in the previous Devlog, but that was not the final version. Another model has been created, along with new animations, graphics, and sounds for using it.

While there have been no changes to how it's used, there may be tweaks to its ranges and battery life.

Tesla Gate
It has been a long-term goal of the studio to move away from Containment Breach assets. With every update we move one step closer to reaching this goal.

The Tesla gate is an iconic object in the game. We've been working hard to create our own version of this piece of technology. Our team has created brand new sounds and visual effects.

Here is a demonstration:

Medical Items
Many items in the game have new animations, some even have new models. A lot of these are medical items like the First Aid Kit, Painkillers, and Adrenaline. The new model for Adrenaline will no longer have a needle. This was done on account of players with Trypanophobia.

Other Items
Many other items, including SCP objects, have new animations. Like the flashlight, 018, and 268.

Remote Admin
While these changes may not concern all of you, we would still like to inform you that there has been a complete visual rework of the RA console, and multiple quality of life changes.

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Complete visual rework of the console.
  • Added command suggestions that pop up once you start typing a command, also hinting possible usage of parameters in the command.
  • Added player nickname search bar.
  • Changed the confusing nickname prefixes ( ) to icons. Gold shield for blue wrench for and plain user for as well as hint text explaining what the icons indicate when you hover your cursor over them. Introduced a new icon which indicates overwatch mode.
  • Added pre-defined ban reasons to RA. You can specify these reasons in the Remote Admin config file.
  • Added a new "Broadcasting" tab to RA which lets you send administrative broadcasts to player(s).
  • Added new "External Lookup" and "External Panel" buttons to RA that allow external lookup to a specified URL.
  • The Facility Guard’s class colour has been changed to be more differentiable from the spectators’.
  • Fixed a variety of minor visual glitches.

We would like to thank lysol#3636 for the suggestions which some changes were based upon.

Optimization (New Culling System)
A topic that is regularly mentioned is the optimisation of the game. With each update we strive to improve wherever we can, be that updating some of the oldest code in the game, or recreating it completely. This update is no different. The weapon-overhaul brings with it some well-needed changes, like re-creating the inventory system and adding a new culling system.

Here is the new culling system at work:

Windows 7 Support
Some of you may remember we briefly mentioned support for Windows 7 will be dropped in the future. When the 11.0 update is released, Windows 7 will no longer be supported by SCP:SL.

Here is a statement from one of our backend developers: “It has become increasingly difficult to support an end-of-life operating system. Specifically because of the ever-evolving Windows 10 APIs that cannot be used effectively in our code-base due to the fact that Windows 7 simply does not contain them. To bring a better experience to Windows 10-8.1 users, Windows 7 support is being dropped.

Last Words
Work is progressing steadily and we can’t wait to have the 11.0 update available to you all. We plan to have a Patreon Beta in the near future and hope to reveal even more features. Until the time comes, have a great day and thank you, once again, for supporting Northwood Studios and SCP: Secret Laboratory!

~ Northwood Studios