Hey, everyone. Today, we're releasing version 11.1.2 of SCP: Secret Laboratory! This patch contains a plethora of minor updates, a new major feature, and many additional fixes.

A much-requested addition since CASSIE's introduction, version 11.1.2 brings subtitles to SCP: Secret Laboratory. These scrolling messages appear near the bottom of the screen whenever CASSIE speaks, showing a transcript of what you're hearing. This includes static messages sent by the game, as well as dynamic sentences sent by respawn waves, Remote Admin, or plugins. You can turn subtitles on or off in the Gameplay section of the settings menu.

Most of the game's text, such as death causes or item names, is translatable based on the user's selected language. Despite the community’s efforts to make the game accessible in a multitude of different languages, CASSIE has always proven to be a challenge due to how many voice lines it has. Recording hundreds of words in every language to allow the announcer to speak a different language would be nearly impossible. With the introduction of subtitles, we're pleased to give these players a way to understand more of the game's messages and cues.

Subtitles sent automatically by the game, such as decontamination announcements, have authored translations that can be found on our translation repository. Announcements created from multiple words are strung into subtitles based on the exact text passed into Remote Admin. For instance, a CASSIE command with the syntax of "NUCLEAR detonation SEQUENCE" would display subtitles exactly as the words were entered, down to the capitalisation of each letter.

Regarding SCP-244
In December 2021, we introduced SCP-244, Ice Fog Jar, as a new SCP item. Spawning naturally in the facility as well as inside of pedestals, it functioned as a portable environmental hazard. Placing it on the ground caused it to emanate freezing fog that led to impaired vision, reduced weapon accuracy (for human players), and a pause in Hume Shield regeneration (for SCPs).

At the time, we stated that SCP-244 would be returning in a future patch as a permanent addition. This is still the case — SCP-244 will be returning. Currently, however, the Game Design team would like to review the item’s mechanics and role in the game before introducing it as a permanent feature. Thus, SCP-244 will not spawn naturally in this update. However, it does exist in Remote Admin, and can be used in-game if it is spawned manually.

Bear in mind that this patch will not reflect the mechanics that SCP-244 will have once it's fully introduced!

Patch Notes
SCP: Secret Laboratory — Version 11.1.2


  • Re-introduced SCP-244, Ice Fog Jar. It currently does not exist in regular gameplay, and must be spawned manually via Remote Admin or third-party plugins.
  • Added a translatable subtitle system for CASSIE announcements. Subtitles are on by default, and can be toggled in gameplay settings.
  • Added several missing translations to the main menu.
  • The trajectories of thrown grenades have been improved and are much more consistent.
  • Reworked the system the game uses to render decals. This should result in minor performance increases. It also re-introduces old features like players leaving behind blood splatters when they're damaged.
  • All rooms, regardless of zone, can be chosen as valid exits for players escaping from the Pocket Dimension; instead of only certain rooms.


  • Fixed a rare issue where grenade-inflicted status effects would never decay.
  • Fixed an inventory softlock when throwing a grenade while spamming hotkeys.
  • Fixed escaped Class-D not being counted on the summary screen.
  • The "They Are Just Resources..." and "If you want something done right..." achievements will now also be granted for non-firearm kills.
  • Fixed flashlights not affecting SCP-173 in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed multiple out-of-bounds exploits related to SCP-173's Blink ability.
  • Fixed SCP-096 bumping their head in GR-18.
  • Fixed an issue where SCP-939 could not hear someone operating the MicroHID.

Thank you for supporting us, and stay safe!

As the year comes to an end, so does the Creation Contest. You have submitted your entries, voted for your favourites, and chosen the winners.

Let’s take a look at the best part of the event, statistics!

Total Submissions: 247

Art: 75
Literature: 12
Music: 22
Meme: 99
Video: 22
Other: 19

Total Votes: 11,067

Art: 3,571
Literature: 462
Music: 559
Meme: 4,922
Video: 973
Other: 580

We want to thank everyone who participated — those who submitted their work and those who voted. Sadly, we are unable to reward all of you. For now, the runner-ups:

Art: Carrion Crow#3705, Literature: Mased#6857, Music: Astowo#7661, Memes: Stella Sin#0336, Video: eXIL Games#1406. You all did wonderfully but just fell short. Better luck next time!

Now what everyone’s been waiting for... the winners of the Creation Contest 2021 are:

Art: “Stella Sin#0336” for “SCP: Secret Laboratory Poster”

Literature: “Draconocor#2167” for “SCP-XXXX: The Trees Have Eyes”

(This year we had a surprise, the Literature category ended up tied by the end of public voting. This meant we needed to host a tie breaker within the studio alongside the staff vote)

Music: “AtomSnow#4484” for “The SCP Foundation Theme Remake”

Meme: “Shiba#9323” for “Warhead, just a week away!”

Video: “GBC_2015#6193” for “Scratching the Surface | SCP:SL Community Content Update Trailer”

Other: “Meganeko#6107” for “Fully recreated SCP:SL map for Minecraft”

You may have noticed that there was no runner-up for the "Other" category. That’s because all the runner-ups were placed into another category where Northwood Staff voted for their favourite piece. The winner of that vote is:

Staff Vote: “Plookiedookie#6925” for “SCP-914 CC”

Congratulations to everyone who won! We will contact you shortly to set up rewards.

Thank you, once again, to everyone who submitted their wonderful creations. Happy new year and we hope to see you next time!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We hope that you have been enjoying the festive wonders and new additions to SCP: Secret Laboratory. As usual, we want to get your feedback on the event, so we can improve it in the future. We are also planning on getting some feedback regarding our year of 2021. We've had a lot of ups and downs this year, and we want to know what you thought of this year as a whole. We are always looking to improve our company, whether that’s with communication or balancing our game. We want to hear everything you have to say, so don’t hold back!


~ Northwood Studios

As the nights grew longer and temperatures dropped lower, we received word of anomalous activity in the North Pole. Agents were dispatched to investigate, but never returned. Now, as the unwilling residents of Site-02 breach containment, strangely season-appropriate anomalies have made their way into the facility…

Happy December, everyone! Once more, we find ourselves at the end of another year. We always like to celebrate the festive season and find a home for some of the strange and interesting ideas we’ve come up with throughout the year. So find yourself some hot cocoa and make sure the heat's on; it's going to be a long night.

SCP-2536 - "The Gift That Keeps On Giving"
Last year's holiday event saw the debut of an anomalous Christmas tree. Dubbed SCP-2536, it appeared at random before Foundation personnel. As expected of any Christmas tree, players could find that which they needed most at the base of the tree. Whether it be a way to help or kill, the tree always knows what to provide.

SCP-2536 is back in full force, manifesting sporadically throughout the facility. Its motives (if it has any) might be unknown, but the boons it provides certainly aren't...

We've taken the time to remake SCP-2536's mechanics from the ground up. Many things remain the same, but with a new model, original audio, and a full design update, it's on standard with the content that was introduced through the year. Be on the lookout for weird and wonderful things coming from its gifts.

Like last year, SCP-2536 is exclusive to the season, and there aren’t any plans to keep it as a permanent addition. We wanted to be transparent about this now, to ensure that the Halloween event didn't create any expectations. In the meantime, we hope this new rendition of SCP-2536 shakes things up!

SCP-244 - "Ice Fog Jar"
Retrieved from the basement of a Chaos Insurgency base, SCP-244 is the latest addition to Site-02. An earthenware jar composed of ceramics and unknown minerals, this object contains a seemingly endless amount of freezing fog that will emanate from its mouth when the lid is removed.

Following the transport of SCP-244 to Site-02, a . The second instance was quickly contained with one injury and no fatalities. Since this incident, no additional instances of SCP-244 have been found or reported. The original instance has been classified as SCP-244-A while the new instance has been designated SCP-244-B.

Both instances of SCP-244 have been safely contained in Site-02 for some time now. In the turmoil of the evacuation, both were left unaccounted for. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

SCP-244 is a deployable SCP object that can be found in standard containment pedestals, or . When activated, it will be placed on the floor and will expel large clouds of icy mist. The mist can fill the room and spill into adjacent hallways and chambers through open doors. This fog has proven harmful and potentially lethal to humans, and even living SCPs have been hindered by its effects. We won't spoil the full mechanics of this portable environmental hazard - you'll have to find that out for yourself!

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg (pun very much intended) for our newest SCP item. Assuming all goes well, we'll be keeping SCP-244 as a permanent addition, much like we introduced SCP-330 and SCP-2176 in an event before keeping them in modified forms. Time will tell what form that the jar takes in the future, but we'll be keeping an eye on the event to inform our decision.

Patch Notes
Although the two aforementioned objects are certainly the most notable additions, they are by no means the only ones. As in the past, many smaller additions can be found in Site-02. Here's a list of some of the most noteworthy changes of the season.

  • Reintroduced SCP-2536, The GIft That Keeps On Giving.
  • Introduced SCP-244, Ice Fog Jar.
  • Existing coffee cups throughout the facility may contain hot cocoa.
  • Seasonal cosmetic updates for SCP-018, SCP-173, and many objects throughout the facility.
  • Removed SCP-055.

2021 in retrospect and what comes next!
2020 was fraught with hardships and delays, and it showed in the quality of our work. By comparison, although the major update for this year, Parabellum, took quite some time to ship, we're extremely proud of it, and we think that it's the strongest update we've ever made.

The Halloween update followed shortly after, which reintroduced SCP-330 and debuted SCP-2176. Both of these returned as permanent additions at the start of December. As we look back to the past twelve months, we're optimistic and excited about what comes next. No business year is without its hiccups, but this year was special. It proved that we can do better than we did in 2020, and we hope that next year, we'll do better than 2021, too.

We don't plan on stopping anytime soon, and we hope you'll join us for the ride. We have such sights to show you.

See you in the dark.

~ Northwood Studios

Hello everyone!

Happy Holidays, we hope that you have been enjoying the Parabellum update and the new SCPs added in 11.1. The Feedback team is currently looking for your feedback regarding the 173 rework as well as the other additions in the base release of 11.0. Thank you in advance!


Happy Holidays,
~ Northwood Studios