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We highly suggest reaching out to us on discord before sending us an email. It is our main form of communication and will get you the fastest response.

For FAQ’s and ban appeals visit our support site at!

For Bug Reports visit our bug reporting form at!

For anything private and when the above means do not work, please find the emails for our departments below.

Email Contacts

For any issues related to the integrity and security of the game. You can also report exploits here.

Our PGP information can be found here.

For any server verification needs. Before sending a server verification request, please make sure your server is in compliance with the VSR (Verified Server Rules).

Verified Server Rules can be found here.

For any VSR (Verified Server Rules) violations. Before sending a server abuse report, please make sure the server in question is in violation of the VSR.

Verified Server Rules can be found here.

Interested in a position with us, saw a job listing on one of our platforms, or want to report a member of staff, contact us!

Have a marketing idea to pitch or concerned about a post on one of our platforms? Contact our marketing department.

Website bug or another issue with the website? Send us an email!